Monday, July 25, 2016

Bicycling going the same route as the telephone land line…….. :-(


Dear EZ Biker and EZ Biker World Friends, admittedly I have not been able to keep up daily posts like I use to with It’s honestly been difficult to find fresh and new bicycle related things to post; given the onslaught of technology. To be honest, I’m beginning to see the same fade into history scenario with the hpv (Human Powered Vehicle) bicycle; as what has happened with the telephone landline. Over the years I have made many friends with bicycle shop owners (Local and distant) and have kept in touch with them. Ominously, I have been getting a lot of stories of quite a few of them shuttering their doors and / or preparing to do so in the near future. Consumers now purchase bicycles online more; because they can get them at a cheaper price. Kids these days don't want bicycles; they want smart phones, tablets and computers. e-bikes are likewise growing in popularity and you can order them cheaply enough online as well. Bike shops just can't continue to survive on bike repairs alone. As more shops close, consumers will have to drive father distances for bike repairs and ultimately will arrive at the conclusion; it's not worth it and move onto some other form of recreational past time.

I LOVE Bicycling and will continue to ride mine as long as possible!

So of late I have been working on a new blog and theme and I believe I have found the perfect match! Let's face it; I'm an old baby boomer geezer who's fortunate(?) to still be alive and kicking in this world! BUT... this world is clearly addicted to something no one (Including myself) ever saw coming; technology. Hence my new blog is presently being worked on and hopefully will launch very soon! It offers an old timers glance into and opinions of the present technology and will showcase earlier technology and things we (Then) younger humans thought was NEAT O!!! I’ll be including some of my various life experiences; including my MILLION DOLLAR inventions that were doomed to failure, due to the internet onslaught. Please check back here from time to time and once my new site is up and running; I’ll announce it eight here!

Sincerely, Ken aka EZ Biker Smile

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